The 100 Sports in 100 Days Challenge was completed by Liu Batchelor to explore the amazing variety of sports available to everyone, as well as to raise money for Sport Relief. We met some amazing clubs, teams and people and managed to create some exciting work for them to share. As the name suggests, Liu took part in 100 different sports in 100 days, ranging from Roller Derby to Ice Hockey, in an attempt to prove that there is a sport for everyone!

The 100 Sports Project would like to encourage a community engagement in sport and adult participation in sports across the country. We have worked with ‘This Girl Can’, Kent Sports Trust, GlideSoul, Nike and many other sporting organisations. Take a look here if you are interested in working with us.

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How did 100 Sports start?

100 Sports in 100 Days was born from the desire to get more people involved (and enjoying!) in a sport. By showcasing the huge variety of sports available to the public, the project hoped to encourage higher levels of participation across the UK.

Letting beginners get an insight into the sport before they try it can reduce those first-time nerves and encourage more newbies to head along to introductory sessions!

The project also helped set up events for sports clubs and societies, as well as promoting the events through traditional and digital PR activities.

The importance of finding your 'WHY'

I believe that the most important element of any project or campaign is the ‘WHY’!
I believe its the ‘Why’ which determines whether you audience engages with you or your brand on a level which has them be in a ‘conversation’ with you, as opposed to just being subject to the content which you are presenting in front of them.

For me, the constant exploration and enquiry of motivations is my ‘why’. I love the challenge of uncovering what it is that client vs customer want, and where and how these two driver overlap. By helping the client express their ‘why’, we can reach out to customers on an emotion level, talking about those things that matter most to the client and which form their true USP.

Its going through this exploration of ‘why’ which has enabled me to get a real understanding of myself and my offering, and the value in what I offer. Taking that time to look at myself, from the ‘outside’ and from my audiences point of view was challenging, gave me an full understanding of the frustration of trying to ‘work it out’ for yourself (and about yourself/your brand). From this experience, I know the value of having someone there to be a ‘reflection’ or sounding board for your thoughts – and the clarity, focus and subsequent efficiency in your actions which come as a result.

I believe everyone has within them the answers to all their challenges and questions – and its not necessarily about getting ‘more’ info/knowledge/advice (initially at least) – its just about being able to filter out all the things that aren’t right for them and their business/brand. I am that filter!

Areas of Expertise